Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jesus vs. superheroes: Daily Mass Homily--Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 (School Mass)

            Who is your favorite superhero and why?  God.  Guess you can’t beat God!  Who else?  Jesus and God.  Alright.  How about someone from a comic book or movie?  Supergirl!  And what superpowers does Supergirl have?  She’s pretty.  Really?  That’s what makes her a superhero?  Spiderman!  And why do you like Spiderman?  He’s funny.  I’m funny, but does that make me a superhero?!  Anyone else?  Wolverine.  He has claws coming out of his hands. 
            Many people are drawn to superheroes because they have powers that we don’t—they can fly, have cool cars or superhuman strength.
            So tell me, what is the difference between superheroes and Jesus?  Both Jesus and his followers did incredible things—they cured the sick, gave sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, got rid of demons and raised people from the dead!  How is this different than superheroes?  Jesus is real and supheroes are not.  Exactly!  Superheroes are imaginary.  I hope I am not bursting any bubbles here, but Superheroes never actually lived.  Jesus did.  The miracles done by Christ and his followers really happened!
            Did you know you have power from Jesus Christ?  You are strengthened by the Holy Spirit to do some amazing things.
            I would like to share a story about a second or third grade girl from Wichita, Kansas.  She went on a fun church retreat and was excited to come to church the following Sunday.  On Sunday morning she got ready, knocked on her parents bedroom door but was told she should go back to bed.  She did so disappointedly.  The next week she did the same.  Her parents again told her they wouldn’t be going to church.  Now this girl was clever.  She asked her parents if she could bike to church.  They said no.  Then she pointed out that the playground was further away than the church but she regularly biked to the playground!  Her parents couldn’t argue with her, and this young girl biked to Mass.  What a precious sight—a child riding a pink Barbie bike, bringing herself to see Jesus at church!  Do you know what happened next week?  She went to her parents room and they were already up, dressed for church.
            In my time as a priest I have met several families whose children brought them back to Christ and his Church.  You can help your parents grow in the faith!  If they are not taking you to Mass (or another church) every week, ask them to!
            As we follow Jesus Christ, may we be good examples of his power in our lives, especially in our families.

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