Sunday, March 13, 2016

Left brain and right brain...sinner and forgiveness: 5th Sunday of Lent

Listen to the homily here.

40 Hours for Eucharistic Adoration

--Nic Davidson's talk on Friday, March 11th.  Listen his talk here.
--My talk called, "The Adulterey of the Woman and Mercy for Her".  Listen to this talk here.
--My talk about the Rosary on Saturday, March 12th at Noon.  Listen to this talk here.
--Listen to the entire 4 Mysteries of the Rosary at St. Thomas Aquinas (International Falls) here.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Big time in our family: Parish Bulletin--3-6-16

1.     Congratulations to Mary Harms who retired on February 29th from our Church.  Mary worked for 15 years at St. Thomas Aquinas with a bunch of different jobs—phones, mail, email, bulletin, webpage, budget, finance, sacramental records, meetings, etc., etc., etc..  Thank you, Mary, from all of your wonderful work for us!
2.     We will be hiring a new secretary…name will be coming soon!
3.     Welcome to Danielle Schermerhorn as she will be working for some marketing for our church and school.  In the world in 2016, an education of marketing and business must be used for our family.
4.     Big Lent dates to everyone:
·      40 Hours of Adoration
o   Friday, March 11th
§  5:00pm:  Grab dinner in the delicious Knight Fish Dinner
§  6:00pm:  Listen to Nic Davidson (on of our best presentation speaker from our Diocese of Duluth) about Mercy
§  7:00pm:  Adoration beginning
§  Right after, music and Confession will be available
o   Saturday, March 12th
§  12:00pm:  Our Church will pray with the entire Rosary (20 mysteries).  I will lead the rosary while four different groups will lead each Mystery (Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious)
§  4:00pm:  Confession will be available
§  5:00pm:  Our normal Saturday evening Mass
§  Right after Mass, adoration of prayer, confession available and music played will continue
o   Sunday, March 13th
§  10:00am:  Adoration benediction and reposition will conclude our 40 hours of Adoration
o   Please sign in an hour for this weekend!
·      Pope Francis Commission
o   6:00pm (at our St. Thomas Maronic basement) on Monday, March 14th
o   I would like to begin this group to work together to serve with those in nursing homes, hospitals, sick, home alone, hungry, food shelf, clothing community, etc.
·      Chrism Mass
o   5:30pm on Monday, March 21st
o   Please sign up for a ride (a van or bus) to the Cathedral of our Diocese of Duluth.  We will leave from our parking lot at 1:30pm and be back at 10:00pm.
Keep working well in Lent!

God Bless!