Sunday, September 28, 2014

Annual School Marathon: Parish Bulletin--9-28-14

           I have been truly inspired by your generous response in supporting our school.  Through your gifts, prayers and openness to new ideas, we have forty children who are now attending St. Thomas Aquinas.  Our preschool enrollment sits at fifteen and K-4 at twenty-five.  Thank you so much for helping start the year with a bang!
            As we discern creative ways to raise funds for our school, I have consistently told those responsible that we need to work smarter, not harder.  My goal is to streamline our fundraising efforts to focus on our major events throughout the year.  The more people we get involved, the better to get the most bang for our buck.
            Our first major event of the school year is our annual marathon.  This year will feature some new additions as we will be doing our walk on a Friday afternoon (4:00pm on October 3rd).  The route will also change in order to walk by Falls High School, football field and track.  Matching shirts will be a witness to the community of our presence and joy.
            Our vision is to complement homecoming at Falls High School.  We will be having a tailgate party in our parking late prior to the football game as our Broncos take on the Hibbing Bluestreaks at 7:00pm.  Posters and markers will be available to make signs to support our athletes and every St. Thomas Aquinas student who participates in our walk will receive a complementary ticket to the game. 
We would like to invite any and all St. Thomas Aquinas alumni to participate in this homecoming of our own.  Please get the word out!
Finally, I also changed our fundraising goal.  Previously this goal has been between $11,000-12,000.  I upped this to $15,000 and am confident that with your support we will reach this!  As an added incentive to you and the kids, I will have my head shaved during a school day if this goal is reached.  I don’t mean buzzed—shaving cream and a razor will be involved to go all the way.  Dawn Flesland, our principal, said that she would have her head shaved if we get $30,000!  (Though she also said she would ensure that $29,900 would be the max we could receive!  Hahaha!)
I am looking forward to a great evening to encourage school spirit, be present in our community and support our fellow students at Falls High School.  See Mrs. Flesland’s insert for more information and mark your calendars for a fun family evening!

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