Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fifth time in the bulletin: 10-25-15

Praise God for a WHOLE WEEK to be back home.  Again, some small things to share:

·      We had Mass Monday-Friday mornings.  This was the first time for daily Masses for ten weeks
·      I thought I was finally smarter than the kids at school (I was able to see each class rooms—praise the Lord!).  I was going to show the first graders how smart I was—the names of the months of the year.  I was so good—and then they sang the months in SPANISH!  I still need school! 
·      Yes, I will be continuing with speech in the area of Maple Grove.  This will help me grow in my writing, reading, emails, texts and the rest of life.  These four weeks will be October 26th-November 20th.  This means that I will be “at school” on Monday-Friday’s from 9:00am-12:30pm.  I’ll get rides on these Friday’s to get back north for the Masses at St. Thomas and St. Columbian.  Rides on Sunday will get me back for school in the Cities.  ONLY 20 DAYS LEFT!
·      I continue to think how much God loves us.  Part of this is going beyond the “stuff we have,” money, TV, phones or busy games.  I continual how much I could be busy for every second.  Yet how much do we stay with Jesus?  Family?  Friends?
·      Finally, remember that we get to sleep more next weekend!

God Bless!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Available now for purchase of my first book: My Vocation Story

My first book is now available on the internet to buy.  Check that off of the bucket list!  The excited for me is that any money to buy this book will help St. Thomas School in International Falls, MN.   You can find this on (here).


Romans from St. Paul's writing--about sin today: Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

Listen to the homily here.

Monday, October 19, 2015

What's the stuff we have?: Monday, October 19th, 2015

Listen to the homily here.

I will have the Mass at St. Thomas for Monday (October 19th) through Sunday (October 25th).
Praise God!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fourth time reading the bulletin: 10-18-15

I am so excited to be up north for seven days…and NO school!  As I still learn speech here’s some more good stuff I want to share:

·      Praise God, I’ll be leading the wedding for my cousin on Saturday
·      Thanks again for Fr. Dennis to be the Masses this weekend
·      Because of your prayers, I will be giving a gift for each St. Thomas, St. Columban and our School
·      And remember that I got cable from the house I live?  This money came from your help—the $180-$190 that adds internet, phone and cable.  This means that $100 is less to pay each month (or $1,200 for a year, $12,000 for ten years!)
·      I will be doing a bit of WORK while I am back.  Why, you may ask?  And I am still the pastor by the Bishop—which I better be working!  So I’ll be doing some stuff to our churches, school and people.
·      Speaking of money (my brain was always with math and counting!).  Remember that I like to be funny as you lend a hand for our churches and diocese.
·      Finally (what is important in my the fall) is that I might be able to hunt for grouse this week.  But the best—my beard starts today!

God Bless!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Third time to write in the bulletin: 10-11-15

Father, Son and Holy Spirit…Mary… The Bible…These words are the BEST God has for us… I will be using them in the homilies and bulletins.
            From last weekend—remember how much God LOVES us.  Our families…our lives…our husband/wife…babies, kids, high school, college, adults, seniors.  Remember that God LOVES us!  Keep talking to the people in the area.  Join them in the church… have donuts on Sunday!
            I am excited to be back home for the week of October 19th - 25th.  I’ll be able to see YOU.  I will talk to some of our groups about our faith that week: daily Mass; the weekly Mass with kids, teachers, families at school; marriage prep; 7th – 12th graders on Wednesday evening;  Evangelization group; those who help the poor, sick and lonely; and everyone else…I’ll be seeing everyone I can—especially at Mass!
            One last thing—I only have 25 days left of “school”.           
God Bless you and know of my prayers for ALL of you and your FAMILY!

God loves our family: 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

(Listen to this homily here).

As I can't write the best yet (because I am still learning speech) I will post my homilies or other stuff from Church.

God Bless!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Second time to write again...through our bulletin: 10-4-15

God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit…Mary…Bible…

It is so awesome to be back to home!  As I’ll continue writing smaller…
·      As you read this weekend I’ll only 30 days of school for my life!
·      I’ll lead for Mass on Saturday and Sunday this weekend (October 3rd and 4th)!  It is such a thanks for God…and I’ll share a bit before Mass.  One of a new deacon—who will be a priest in our diocese—will be helping out.  And even another priest too.
·      Beau (who was had from Summer) would have coming…but he’ll be running for 26.2 miles Sunday morning.  Pray for him as he runs!
·      I’m excited also to be at Masses on the Saturday’s and Sunday’s for many weeks.  The only one I would miss is October 17th-18th.  I had actually asked Fr. Dennis Hoffman eight months ago because I had doing a Mass for a cousin before!
·      I’ll be in I Falls for October 18th-October 24th…a whole week.  I can’t wait for that…especially for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (with the school kids) and Thursday.  I have been asking for days of priests for during the week, but having found out yet.
·      I’ll be doing more speech and learning by the cities—close to St. Paul.  This would begin October 25th for four weeks—Monday-Friday.  But yes, back for I Falls and Masses in the weekend!
·      November 20th looks like the done for my school!  (Did I remember you I am excited that I only have 30 days left of school for my 24 years of my life now?!)
·      During the week, I would love it if you pray for during the day—at 8:30am—to pray the Rosary.  Every day.

God Bless!