Sunday, April 23, 2017

Parish Bulletin Article: "Busy, Busy!": 4-23-17

            Happy Easter day #7 (Saturday) and day #8 (Sunday)!
            As our parishes are going through some fun events, I would like to share a few thoughts.
            First, this weekend is called Sunday of Divine Mercy.  Here is a quick quotation from EWTN: “This Feast, which had already been granted to the nation of Poland and been celebrated within Vatican City, was granted to the Universal Church by Pope John Paul II on the occasion of the canonization of Sr. Faustina on 30 April 2000.  In a decree dated 23 May 2000, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments stated that ‘throughout the world the Second Sunday of Easter will receive the name Divine Mercy Sunday, a perennial invitation to the Christian world to face, with confidence in divine benevolence, the difficulties and trials that mankind will experience in the years to come.’"
            Continue to grow with your relationship with Jesus Christ during the last octave (eight) days and seven more weeks during the Easter season.
            Second, we will be having a fun garage sale at 2000 Spruce Street next weekend.  Check it out on Friday and Saturday, as there will be a lot of stuff to be sold.  I mean, imagine the bits and pieces that can come out of the huge house that we are selling!
            Third, St. Thomas Aquinas School will be offering an entertaining event: “The 30th Annual Live and Silent Auction—Under the Sea”.  Please buy your tickets and enjoy the occasion to support our school.
            Finally, please continue to pray for our buy/sell process for our house. 
You may have read the article in our newspaper: “Board discusses relocation of center” with the opportunities for Northland Counseling Center to buy our building.  Currently, the “old house” may be transferred to them on May 5th.
On the other side, we now have a purchase agreement for a “new house”.  I will share more news in the future!
Please pray to God for His will to be done for the gifts He has given us.

            God Bless!

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