Friday, April 14, 2017

A list of sins in the Passion of Jesus Christ: Palm Sunday

Listen to the homily here.


We have probably thought of this long Passion of Jesus Christ routine
  • Distracting, boring
  • Really, it is chilling
This weekend I would like to share a list of sins that we just listened to
  • Greediness: money
    • o Judas: went to the High Priests to have him be arrested
    • o In another gospel, it was written that he stole from the disciples money
    • o How have you been greedyStealingJealousy?
    • Laziness
    • o Disciples went to sleep as Jesus Christ prayed in his agony in the garden: three times
    • o How are you lazyMissing MassNot praying?  
    • Violence
    • o Soldiers with swords and clubs
    • o Peter struck a slave’s ear
    • o Jesus was spit on, made fun of, punched and scourged
    • o How have you been violentMeanSlander or libelHating other people?  Physically or emotionally hurting others?
    • Cowardness
    • o As Jesus was arrested…where did his best friends go?  Where did the disciples go?
      • They ran away
    • o How have you been a coward?  Not standing up for the unborn, the poor, the kid that is picked on in school?
    • Lying
    • o Peter as he denied Jesus Christ three times, saying that he was not with Jesus
    • o Jesus while in the court (Sanhedrin) listened witnesses to bring false testimony
    • o Do you lie?  Do you fabricateGossipSpeak half-truths?
There is bad news and good news through Jesus’ Passion
    • The bad news: each of us are sinners
    • o The Passion is like an examination of our own lives, mind, body and soul
    • The good news: Jesus Christ gave his life and forgives us!  
    • o Every sin except not asking for forgiveness
We have some other good news
    • Next weekend is the Triduum
    • o Holy Thursday
    • o Good Friday
    • o Easter Vigil
    • o Please come
    • Next weekend, we will be giving you a book about forgiveness
    • o Especially to learn how we must forgive others
    • And we will be offering more times for forgiveness
    • o Wednesday: 5:30-6:15
    • o Thursday: 6:00-6:45 and after the Liturgy
    • o Friday:  Before and after the Liturgy
    • o Saturday from 7:00-7:45
    • o Please go to Confession!
Let us walk well to the best news in our lives

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