Monday, May 2, 2016

Treasure: 6th Sunday of Easter Season

Listen to the homily.


I have preached about stewardship—time, talent and treasure
·      I like what St. Luke wrote in Acts: “The apostles and elders, in agreement with the whole church…”
·      We must help our whole Church
o   Our churches, our school, our Diocese, the poor and the sick
Next weekend I will have a bulletin article about this
Koochiching is in a difficult time
·      Less families, less kids, less jobs, tough economy
·      This weekend I want to speak about treasure
I want to share the treasure I try
·      I do not have a wife or children
·      I do not pay for my house or my groceries
·      I was in college and seminary with many gifts to me (without paid)
o   And now it is awesome to give that back to people
But I only want to share how me, as a priest, in treasure
·      A priest taught us in the seminary (now a Bishop Andrew Cozzens) to have a second check for gifts to others
o   I put about 5% to this check…could you do that?
o   About 5% I divides my payment to the Church, School and UCA
§  How are you doing in this?
·      One time, a priest was in town for a weekend and I bought dinner
o   He said, “Why are you paying this dinner?  Your Church should.”
o   I said, “No.”  Many people here cannot buy such meals, and nor should our Church
·      Have I bought any alcohol from your plate?
o   No
·      I must simple my own life because it is difficult up here
o   No cable for your plate ($1,000) without cable…could you try that?
o   No garbage business…I’ll bring them to our Church’s garbage dump
Today I would like you to think about two other ideas
·      I’m not thinking numbers, but what you can give treasure
o   UCA second collection today
§  We will begin our 2016 in a couple of weeks
§  We have about $9,000 from 2015…can you do it? 
o   Operation Rice Bowl
§  I am having fun keeping this up in my truck
§  Could you do this?  Get a roll of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters from the bank?  Or more dollars?  When you leave your house?  Get in your car?
§  This can help the poor and the sick
Stewardship is time, talent and treasure
·      The best we can be to our family is to use what you can give
I’m not talking about the numbers because we can each give some treasure
·      The poor Widow at the Temple gave two pennies
·      And Jesus said that she gave the most
“The apostles and elders, in agreement with the whole church…”

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