Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Parish Bulletin Article: "All Old and New Rectory!": 7-30-17

            Last weekend I said that our closing date for both houses—our old and new rectory—was on Friday, July 28th.  As I write this article, we still have five days left before the actual day, and I hope that this article truly happened.  If anything fell through, you can stop reading this article as it would be “fake news”! 
            I thank God for the ways he sends us opportunities to serve.  I am proud for our parishioners, as you ARE the owners of this new rectory and as we discerned for a different house and God opened different doors.
            As we sold and bought two buildings, it happened in only ten months. 
            I am so happy that our old rectory was bought for a non-profit—Northland Council Center—and our community will receive an awesome place.  Their new building will help our brothers and sisters who are facing addictions, mental illness, detoxification and support.  This is a chance for people to stand up again and be walked with our community.  It will also assist more employees (who will work in this building), invite this non-profit to our family, grow in relationships in our city and county, and allow other families who can quickly visit their loved ones facing tough challenges.
As I began this process, I said several times, “If Pope Francis knocked on the door of our [old] rectory, he would say, ‘Fr. Ben Hadrich, you need to live in a different house.’”  Now I imagine if Pope Francis went today to knock on the same door to see the new change for our parishes, our community and all of our good decision to help the those who need assistance.  And I bet he would smile today as we follow God’s will with the gifts He have given us.
Thank you for your prayers, your service, your conversations, your meetings, your support, your ideas, your packing and unpacking and your painting, as well as our realtors through Island View Reality and our Diocese of Duluth. 
As a Pastor, this was my first time to walk through a process to buy and sell a house and this could not have happened without our strong family and God Himself.

Praise God and God Bless!

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