Sunday, September 25, 2016

Parish Bulletin Article: Ringing the Bells: 9-25-16

            I am proud and I am excited to fix the bell in our steeple!
            I just spoke with your last pastor, Fr. Kris McKusky and I asked him a question: “When did the bell stop working?”  It turns out that the bell system got quirky with the timing.  This occurred at the very end he served at St. Thomas Aquinas and right before I entered.  Since then, we didn’t use the bell on a system; in a couple of occasions we used it manually.
            Now we are practicing how the older system could work and eventually buy a system through an electronic and technological system to use this beautiful gift.
Thank you for several parishioners who are studying, testing and offering time and talent for this opportunity for our Church and community.  Thank you also to the Knights who just added “Breakfast for the Bells” on the last Sunday of several months.  Any donations from our parishioners, brothers, sisters and families in our community can assist this process.  We can also have an awesome brunch!
Bells have a rich history in our Catholic Church.  They can be used either in the steeple, musical choirs or those used for Mass (ex. right after the consecration of Jesus’ Body and Blood).  They offer another sense to grow praying and worship through hearing their musical art.
Next week I will share another connection between our bell and a prayer called The Angelus Prayer.
            In the meantime, please continue to pray for this beautiful art to serve us!

            God Bless!

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