Saturday, September 3, 2016

Parish Article: RCIA: 8-28-16

Two weekends ago I preached about the “narrow gate” for our journey to heaven.  As Jesus spoke about this path, he said that “…many, I tell you, will attempt to enter but will not be strong enough.”  Our savior, brother and friend taught us how to grow stronger.
There is one way we can all assist our parishes to grow: invite our brothers and sisters to our Catholic church.  In a specific way, please encourage people to join the Rite of Christian Initiations of Adults (RCIA).  This process is a way to welcome parishioners or those who are finding a new church.  These men and women could be baptized and/or confirmed, as well as the eucharist to enter a gate through the historical RCIA opportunity.
As a pastor, it is awesome and humbling to baptize and/or confirm and share the first communion for these adults.  I was able to serve these sacraments to five adults through my two Easter Vigils with our family.  Praise God!  (On one tangent, did you know that three of these individual came from St. Thomas Aquinas school?  One of our teachers and two parents became Catholic through our school!)
If you are reading this article, would you like to join our Catholic church?  Check out RCIA!  It begins with an invitation to learn about our Catholic belief.  Through a sixth-month program you would be able to learn our faith, morality, history, sacraments and much more.
If you know anyone who is considering our Catholic church, please invite, encourage and welcome someone you may know.
If we are able to evangelize our brothers and sisters to the RCIA, our new Catholics and parishioners would make us stronger to the narrow gate of our parishes.
Please pray about this as God will always give the gifts we need—especially new members of our family.

God bless!

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