Sunday, September 11, 2016

"God through my Stroke": Theology on Tap (Catholic Churches in Brainerd on 9-10-16)

Listen to this talk here.


Talk at Theology on Tap
“God through my Stroke”
Saturday, September 10th, 2016

1.     Prayer:
2.     August 8th, 2015
·      Perfect day
                       o   Triathlon
·      Eerie day
                       o   Mass, 5:00, Medicine
                       o   What is going on?
·      Doctor and “you’ll be fine”
                       o   Prayer
3.     God’s love through our Catholic Church in 40 days
·      Anointing of the Sick (Fr. Rich)
·      Prayer: “Jesus”
                       o   Felt carried by God
·      Eucharist: day #6
·      Mass/concelebrating: day #7
·      Bible
                       o   CDs
                       o   Verses
                       o   Chapters
                       o   Read the whole book
·      Rosary
                       o   A couple of weeks in
                       o   Fr. David Forsman
·      40 days out of the hospital
                       o   Doctors, nurses, Bishop, priests, parishioners, family and friends
4.     125 years for our Diocese anniversary
·      Carried Jesus for a minute
5.     8 weeks after stroke
·      Masses back home
·      Couldn’t say all the words for the prayers or homily
·      Parishioners knew it
6.     God gives a silver line no matter what challenges us
·      Do we focus on ourselves or others?
                       o   For instance, I have parishioners who had a stroke, cancer, half of a body paralyzed saying, “Fr. Ben, know of my prayers…I am so glad you are getting better.”
·      Some of the most powerful prayers are from people whose life really sucks: cancer, injuries, surgeries, dying
·      2 Corinthians 12:8-10
7.     Thank you for your prayers
·      We walk together: our own families, the families of our churches, the families of our community and the family around the world

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