Wednesday, October 22, 2014

To whom much is given, much is expected: Daily Mass Homily--Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 (School Mass)

(Listen to this homily here.)

            Can someone tell our adults here what this is?  The candy basket!  And how do you earn a piece of candy from the basket?  By memorizing something from the Bible.  Our staff gets upset with me because I make them memorize a verse to get candy as well!
            Jesus tells us this morning that those who are given much are expected much.  So first, what does God give us?  Snacks.  Pets.  I love the simple faith of our students—indeed, God does give us everything! 
            This is my basket, correct?  Yes.  Every so often I go to the store and take your requests (I finally found Skittles last week) to fill the basket.  To illustrate Jesus’ command, I want to entrust my candy basket to someone for the rest of the homily.  So what should this person do?  Protect it!  Yes, please protect the candy from the adults and fend them off if you need to!  Also, I don’t want to see a basket of wrappers when I’m done.  N, would you please protect the candy basket for the rest of Mass.
            N, what else should you do with this basket?  Share it with others.  Wow, great idea.  Since we’re at Mass, though, we’ll save sharing from the basket for your verses later.
            God has given us everything—our life, our parents, our friends and all of creation.  With respect to our faith, what else has God given us?  Jesus.  Yes!  And where is Jesus right now.  In heaben.  True, but he is here now.  See that gold container up front—the tabernacle—Jesus is here now!  He gives us the gifts of faith, hope and love.
            And what should we do with these gifts?  Like the candy basket, we should protect it, share it and be obedient to God.
            Thank you, N, for watching over my candy basket.  For your efforts, you can take a piece, but don’t eat it until after Mass.
            Let’s stand now and continue to share in God’s great gift of Mass.

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