Monday, December 19, 2016

Parish Bulletin Article: "Moments": 12-18-16

This is our last week before Christmas with our family!
            I believe in essential moments within our Catholic Church.  Each of you has probably had one of these moments in your experience in Church.  It may be a baptism of a baby or you, or the first communion, or confirmation, or a wedding or even a funeral.  God may have shown you power, love, beauty or tears which led you right to Him.
            Consider next weekend—Christmas—as an essential moment in your life.  Pause to prepare yourself through the last days of Advent!  Pray!  Soak in silence!  Seek forgiveness!
            As you cross the finish line of Advent and enter the celebration for Christmas (for eight days, by the way!), please welcome our brothers and sisters for next week.
            To all of our parishioners: please work together for some major moments.  As we continue to grow in evangelization (i.e. sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ), your presence in God’s house is huge for visitors and family members from out of town.  The more we can walk people from their vehicle to the door, open the doors, welcome each person, speak to people, shake hands, set up chairs, allow your pew/“spot” to a new visitor and grow relationships in our parishes.
            As Jesus Christ is powerful on Christmas, remember that you may shine God’s love to someone else.
            Finish Advent well!
            God Bless! 

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