Sunday, August 14, 2016

Parish Article: All Class Reunion: 8-14-16

Praise God for the fifth All Class Reunion in International Falls! 

Welcome home to many people and those who live in “God’s country”. 

I did not grow up in this area; I went to school for K-12 in McGregor, Minnesota.  (Go Mercs!)  This was the only school in town and my Mom and Dad were both teachers in health and physical education.  I was also taught from my parents both at home and in school.  They were awesome teachers.  (And yes, my Dad was my driving teacher and my Mom taught my 8th grade with “Values and Choices”…you can figure out what class that was!).  

I had some tremendous teachers, coaches and employees in McGregor and I still remember them in my life.  I guess that as you gather, you may do the same.

This weekend I would like to say “thank you” to all teachers, coaches and employees at Falls School during this cool reunion.  
I also say the same to our other schools in the area: St. Thomas Aquinas, Indus, Littlefork/Bigfalls and home schools.  (By the way, did you know that we have parishioners that work in each school in this area?).   

Thank you for a vocation—a call—for children in education. 
Education is an important issue for students as they grow up as kids to adolescents to young men and women.  These students are our next generation as citizens in our community, towns and cities in Minnesota, our country and around the world.  I hope that these students can learn from Jesus Christ, their parents and their teachers.  

I hope that this weekend is a blessing opportunity to renew families, friends and relationships in this town.  As brothers and sisters in our Catholic family, let us pray for these students.  Let us work together.  Let us continue to discern the ways we can support this community and area, especially for our students.
Know of my prayers during this great weekend for many of you.

God Bless!

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