Saturday, October 10, 2015

Third time to write in the bulletin: 10-11-15

Father, Son and Holy Spirit…Mary… The Bible…These words are the BEST God has for us… I will be using them in the homilies and bulletins.
            From last weekend—remember how much God LOVES us.  Our families…our lives…our husband/wife…babies, kids, high school, college, adults, seniors.  Remember that God LOVES us!  Keep talking to the people in the area.  Join them in the church… have donuts on Sunday!
            I am excited to be back home for the week of October 19th - 25th.  I’ll be able to see YOU.  I will talk to some of our groups about our faith that week: daily Mass; the weekly Mass with kids, teachers, families at school; marriage prep; 7th – 12th graders on Wednesday evening;  Evangelization group; those who help the poor, sick and lonely; and everyone else…I’ll be seeing everyone I can—especially at Mass!
            One last thing—I only have 25 days left of “school”.           
God Bless you and know of my prayers for ALL of you and your FAMILY!

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