Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fifth time in the bulletin: 10-25-15

Praise God for a WHOLE WEEK to be back home.  Again, some small things to share:

·      We had Mass Monday-Friday mornings.  This was the first time for daily Masses for ten weeks
·      I thought I was finally smarter than the kids at school (I was able to see each class rooms—praise the Lord!).  I was going to show the first graders how smart I was—the names of the months of the year.  I was so good—and then they sang the months in SPANISH!  I still need school! 
·      Yes, I will be continuing with speech in the area of Maple Grove.  This will help me grow in my writing, reading, emails, texts and the rest of life.  These four weeks will be October 26th-November 20th.  This means that I will be “at school” on Monday-Friday’s from 9:00am-12:30pm.  I’ll get rides on these Friday’s to get back north for the Masses at St. Thomas and St. Columbian.  Rides on Sunday will get me back for school in the Cities.  ONLY 20 DAYS LEFT!
·      I continue to think how much God loves us.  Part of this is going beyond the “stuff we have,” money, TV, phones or busy games.  I continual how much I could be busy for every second.  Yet how much do we stay with Jesus?  Family?  Friends?
·      Finally, remember that we get to sleep more next weekend!

God Bless!

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