Saturday, October 3, 2015

Second time to write again...through our bulletin: 10-4-15

God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit…Mary…Bible…

It is so awesome to be back to home!  As I’ll continue writing smaller…
·      As you read this weekend I’ll only 30 days of school for my life!
·      I’ll lead for Mass on Saturday and Sunday this weekend (October 3rd and 4th)!  It is such a thanks for God…and I’ll share a bit before Mass.  One of a new deacon—who will be a priest in our diocese—will be helping out.  And even another priest too.
·      Beau (who was had from Summer) would have coming…but he’ll be running for 26.2 miles Sunday morning.  Pray for him as he runs!
·      I’m excited also to be at Masses on the Saturday’s and Sunday’s for many weeks.  The only one I would miss is October 17th-18th.  I had actually asked Fr. Dennis Hoffman eight months ago because I had doing a Mass for a cousin before!
·      I’ll be in I Falls for October 18th-October 24th…a whole week.  I can’t wait for that…especially for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (with the school kids) and Thursday.  I have been asking for days of priests for during the week, but having found out yet.
·      I’ll be doing more speech and learning by the cities—close to St. Paul.  This would begin October 25th for four weeks—Monday-Friday.  But yes, back for I Falls and Masses in the weekend!
·      November 20th looks like the done for my school!  (Did I remember you I am excited that I only have 30 days left of school for my 24 years of my life now?!)
·      During the week, I would love it if you pray for during the day—at 8:30am—to pray the Rosary.  Every day.

God Bless!

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