Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fourth time reading the bulletin: 10-18-15

I am so excited to be up north for seven days…and NO school!  As I still learn speech here’s some more good stuff I want to share:

·      Praise God, I’ll be leading the wedding for my cousin on Saturday
·      Thanks again for Fr. Dennis to be the Masses this weekend
·      Because of your prayers, I will be giving a gift for each St. Thomas, St. Columban and our School
·      And remember that I got cable from the house I live?  This money came from your help—the $180-$190 that adds internet, phone and cable.  This means that $100 is less to pay each month (or $1,200 for a year, $12,000 for ten years!)
·      I will be doing a bit of WORK while I am back.  Why, you may ask?  And I am still the pastor by the Bishop—which I better be working!  So I’ll be doing some stuff to our churches, school and people.
·      Speaking of money (my brain was always with math and counting!).  Remember that I like to be funny as you lend a hand for our churches and diocese.
·      Finally (what is important in my the fall) is that I might be able to hunt for grouse this week.  But the best—my beard starts today!

God Bless!

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