Monday, June 5, 2017

Parish Bulletin Article: "Volunteer!": 5-28-17

            It has been a busy, busy month!  It has been filled with events in schools, sports, faith formation, parishes, fishing opening, Mother’s Day and many more. 
            During this weekend I would like to share another event we had earlier this month.  On Thursday, May 11th the 2017 Chamber of Commerce honored Jackie Glowack—one of our parishioners—as the citizen of the year. 
            I am guessing that Jackie would probably continue serve in our parish and community “in the background” rather than in this bulletin article.  But alas, I will like to offer some gratitude to her and our family.
As a priest, I praise God for the witness of many parishioners.  You serve in God’s house.  You serve in the community.  You serve for the poor.  You serve for the sick.  You serve to families.  You serve for children.  You serve for those living in joyful moments.  You serve for those who are living in tough moments.  In different ways you each serve the mission that God has called you.  And yes—so many of you have helped me to grow in my first assignment to be a pastor, my experience with a stroke and the relationship we walk together with Jesus Christ.  Thank you!
            I continue to reflect on an essential gift that we need: volunteering.  I believe that this is one way that God calls us to use our time and talents to serve our brothers and sisters.  A blessed mission through Jackie, and others, do not point to themselves, but to others. 
Jesus Christ said, “For the Son of man also came not to be served but to serve…” (Mark 10:45). 
We must do the same. 
Spend some time this week to listen to the ways that God has called you to volunteer, support and help this area and our Church.
            Thank you, Jackie and thank you witnesses who show these gifts that proclaim the Good News in our lives!
            God Bless!


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