Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Parish Bulletin Article: "Support our Vision with our Pastoral Councilors": 6-11-17

            In my vision as a pastor with an assignment for you, I believe that we must support our vision.  God has given many of you gifts, charismas and talents that can support our church family.  I praise God for many parishioners who focus to different spots for our churches, like our liturgy, cleaning, laundry, buildings, grounds, finances, faith formation, school and more.
As we have different committees I want to list the men and women who are in our pastoral councils.  This might be the first time that I will write their names as this could help our bigger conversations with our vision.  As we gather—monthly at St. Thomas Aquinas and quarterly at St. Columban—I love how we can work together.  I also think that knowing their names can support new conversations with some great men and women.  Here you go!
St. Thomas Aquinas:
·      Pat Kjellgren
·      Tom Lucca
·      Pat Bjorum
·      Les Hendrickson
·      Dave Chute
·      Jay Bartkowski
·      Tammy Jo Weyrauch
St. Columban:
·      Joe Reller
·      Rosie Rasmussen
·      Harvey Lehman
·      Mary Gaetzke
·      Deb Polkinghorne
When you have good thoughts, good ideas and/or good opportunities for our churches, please share with our pastoral members or me.  The more communication the better for each of us!
God Bless!


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