Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Parish Bulletin Article: "New Directory!": 6-25-17

            In six weeks we will be having a cool process: a new parish directory! 
            I love looking through the two directories that I have.  One is from St. Thomas Aquinas in 1988 and another with both STA and St. Columban in 2005.  While I enjoy seeing how families grow through decades in our history, it also helps me, and you, to remember names, phone numbers and relationships for today.
            During my first semester in seminary, we new members literally had a test.  In our largest room, we “freshman” sat at the tables with a paper and a pencil.  Everyone else stood around the room.  With 15-20 seconds, our rector pointed to each seminarian as he raised his hand.  We had to write each name and diocese. 
This was one of the best tests that I had in seminary.  It showed how important it is to meet people, converse with them and memorize their name.  Our names are powerful and a new directory could support our relationships with each other.
            Now don’t worry—we will not have a test here.  At the same time, I still recall this test in the seminary and our directories help me as your pastor. 
And I believe that this new directory could support the relationships between our brothers, sisters and families. 
            While we will share more details in the future, I do know four points for this process: it will be led by a Lifetouch directory business; our photos will take place between August 21st-30th; these pictures will take place in the Aquinas Hall at St. Thomas Aquinas; the directory itself is FREE.
            Please read the bulletin to receive the information on the way for a cool gift!
            God Bless!

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