Sunday, February 12, 2017

Parish Bulletin Article: "On the Same Team": 2-12-17

            A couple of weeks ago I spoke during my homily about how we work together.  During this article, I would like to offer another relationship in our family: our school and our parishes. Our parishes and our school are on the same team.  

I believe that our parishioners, employees and volunteers must first serve Jesus Christ.  Second, we can always use our time, talent and treasure for how God has called us to different missions.  Finally, evangelization (sharing the Good News of Christ) can meld our brothers and sisters to grow deeper in faith.  And yes, this supports both our parishes and our school.

So here are some stunning events that I have seen or heard from many families in our diocese. 

I know that many parishioners have decided to register their students into the Catholic school throughout our diocese.  (Quick tangent…it is the parents’ job to discern where their children should learn whether in a Catholic school, public school, or home school).  

On the other hand, I know many parents in our diocese seek a “different” type of education and registered their child(ren) for academics.  It is powerful to watch our Catholic/Christian schools not just to show academics but to serve, teach and show God’s love, mercy and compassion day to day.  

I have witnessed several families who began to register their child into a Catholic school, and then saw the opened door to Jesus Christ.  Over and over I have watched these child(ren) to support and encourage their parents and family to show our savior! 

As we continue to serve God, pray and discern how to support both our parishes and our school.  Doing so, we can serve many people in our community to receive God’s love and relationship.

God Bless!

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