Sunday, February 26, 2017

Parish Bulletin Article: "Love Your Neighbor": 2-26-17

            In just a few days, we will begin Lent for 2017.  Before it begins I would like to offer some ways to walk through this season.
This year I would like to focus a theme for all of us: “Love our neighbor”.  And here are four big events.
#1:  We will continue to love our neighbor through the Operation Rice Bowl.  You have given amazing gifts to serve the hungry both in our community and around the world and we will grow even more!  Which points to…
#2:  …a cool fact that the season of Lent begins on Wednesday, March 1st.  This is the same day that is a powerful reminder to feed the hungry in the month of March.  Please check out the information for both our parishes and in our communities to offer food to our neighbors.
#3:  Through the Diocese of Duluth, each of our parishes take turns to support a co-op missionary.  We will welcome a new priest for our parishes during March 18th-19th.  He will share his mission and request through his appeal for our support.
#4:  Another priest—Fr. Michael Garry (pastor in Eveleth/Gilbert)—will visit us for the beginning of our 40 hours of Eucharistic adoration (March 31st-April 2nd).  He will offer a talk about both the Eucharist and the poor and we will begin our weekend of praise, praying and confessing.  We will have more information for this wonderful weekend.
            As we begin Lent, let us grow to love our neighbor!

            God bless!           

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