Sunday, November 27, 2016

Parish Bulletin Article: "Thanksgiving for Nation and Families": 11-27-16

            Know of my prayers after your Thanksgiving, your families and friends as well as your weekend.
            As I mentioned last weekend, Fr. Paul Strommer (assistant priest in Brainerd) and I are swapping our assignments this weekend.  Many of you met Fr. Paul last November when he served as a deacon in our Masses.  And now he is a “baby priest” in our diocese!  We are proud that a new priest in our Diocese of Duluth is visiting here.  (And make sure that he has a delicious donut).
At the same time, I am spending cherish occasions with my family—parents, brothers and sister-in-laws, niece and nephew and food.  I will be serving three Masses at All Saints and St. Francis parishes.  It is a cool experience for both Fr. Paul and I to walk with our brothers and sisters in other parishes in our diocese.
I would simply like to say thank you for some touching experiences here.  At St. Thomas Aquinas, we have finished a mission for both the bell and a new electronic system for the bells.  In the surface level, we did receive monies for this mission.  But deeper though, is our relationships with our parishioners—and it happened in only a few months!  Our breakfasts, fall dinner, meetings and conversations gelled our cookers, servers, advertisements, marketing, announcements, food, relationships, parents, children, grandparents, etc., etc., etc.  Congratulations and thank you!
At St. Columban we are proud for four little babies in the last few months.  Thank you and congratulations to the little ones, their siblings, their relatives, new or already grandparents and their parents.  Praise God!  As you already know, it is a beautiful moment to both see and hear the angelic voices for our next generation.
Again, know of my prayers, thank yous, and congratulations!
God Bless!

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