Saturday, June 28, 2014

Yesterday, Jesus' heart, Today, Mary's: Daily Mass Homily--Saturday, June 28th, 2014 (Immaculate Heart of Mary, College of St. Scholastica Alumni Mass)

            I mentioned to the Sisters yesterday that the word heart is used over one thousand times in the Bible.  While the Scriptures do refer to the organ, the vast majority of uses of heart mean the seat of emotion or life in the human person.
            I repeat this for you today because of the intimate connection in our liturgy from yesterday and today.  Yesterday we worshiped the Sacred Heart of Jesus and today we honor the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
            The hearts of Jesus and Mary are forever fused.  This began when Mary literally carried the heart of Jesus in her womb for nine months.  The Gospel of Luke adds insight to this connection when he describes the presentation of Jesus in the Temple.  While Simeon spoke about Jesus—that he would be the cause for the rise and fall of many—he also addressed Mary stating, “…a sword will pierce through your own soul also…”
            Mary’s heart was a motherly heart.  Many of you understand this more than I ever could as you have children of your own.  You know the love you have for your kids and that this love would enable you to do anything for your child.  Mary had this love for her Son Jesus, though it was even more intense because she was without sin.
            Yet Mary’s sinlessness did not mean she didn’t suffer.  Sometimes we may think that Mary lived a blissful, sin free life with no temptations or hurt.  On the contrary, Mary lived out two nightmares of any parent, first in losing her Son in Jerusalem and second losing Him to the cross.
            Yet Mary “kept all these things in her heart.”
            As we worship at Mass in the Queen of Peace Chapel, we do so in reverence of Mary’s Immaculate Heart.  She is not only Jesus’ mother—she is our mother too.  She points us directly to her son, and provides us with maternal love especially when we face suffering.  May we always seek Mary’s help as we strive to grow closer to God.

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