Monday, June 30, 2014

"Follow me": Daily Mass Homily--Monday, June 30th, 2014 (Feast of the Roman Martyrs)

            Jesus’ commission to us is the same as to the crowd: “Follow me…”
            Whenever we go on a journey, be it by car or foot, it is important to know the destination to which we are going.  Keeping the end in mind helps us get there quickly and efficiently and dictates where we go.
            The call of Jesus to follow him should always be the end we have in mind.  It is to Jesus we travel.
            This begins first in our own person.  What thoughts do I need to let go to follow Jesus?  Who must I stop judging?  What sin must I remain steadfast against?
            Jesus’ mission to us then calls us forth through the various relationships we have.  How do I treat my children?  Spouse?  Coworkers?  Is it clear that I am a follower of Jesus to these people?
            This basic principle of our faith is crucial as we live in a society which has become increasingly more difficult to navigate.  Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and find your identity in him as you strive to be good citizens.
            In this regard we have as an example the Roman martyrs—many men and women who were brutally tortured and killed under the wicked emperor Nero (the same emperor who ruled when Peter and Paul were martyred).  These nameless men and women shine in their resolution to follow Jesus at all costs.
            We are also reminded of what happens when we do not follow Christ: “Remember this, you who never think of God,” cries the Psalmist.  At the same time Amos denounces the wicked that do not act in accordance with God’s will.
            Always remember our call to follow Jesus.  Please God, may this mission permeate our thoughts, words and actions today.

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