Friday, October 18, 2013

The Basics: Daily Mass Homily--Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

            I typically look at our daily Mass readings before I go to bed at night.  Last night I wondered, what on earth can I pull from these readings to relate to our school children?  Jesus kind of goes off on the scribes and Pharisees! 
            I’d like to remind us of a couple key terms in our faith that are hinted at in the readings.  First, the word Catholic means universal.  I have personally been to Mass in the USA, Venezuela, Italy, Israel and Ghana.  While the people may speak different languages, come from different cultures and have different physical attributes, the Church and the Mass is there.  Our faith is all over the world.  Second, the word Christian means a follower of Christ.  For many years Catholic and Christian meant the same thing.
            As Catholics—as Christians—our most basic call is to follow Christ.  We do this not only by going to Church and praying, but by behaving well at school, home and with our friends.  We must remember to do good and to love God and our neighbor above ourselves.
            We are blessed to go to St. John’s School in an environment to live out our faith to the full.  May we be blessed in doing this for the rest of the week.

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