Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reencountering God's Word: Daily Mass Homily--Thursday, October 4th, 2013

            Today we celebrate the feast of Guardian Angels.  First, we must recall what an angel is.  It is hard to picture as an angel is a person that is pure spirit—it has no body.
            In one sense, angels are the highest on the hierarchy of God’s creation.  In its lowest form, God made elements which have no life—soil, water, air.  He made the most simple life forms—bacteria, amoeba—then plants and animals and humans.  Angels, without a body are a step above all other creation in that they are with God in heaven.
            Yet in another sense, angels long to receive what we do.  See, we humans are a sort of amphibian—we live in both the physical and spiritual worlds.  Thus we can receive Jesus’ Body and Blood in communion, something the angels cannot.
            God has appointed each of us a unique guardian angel.  With all the billions of people that have existed, think of how many angels there are!  These angels walk with us and are present to protect us.  And they’re not cute little beings with wings.  They are powerful—almost intimidating—and they fight the spiritual war for us.
            Angels are real.  Though we probably won’t ever see them with our earthly eyes, our eyes of faith help us to see them.  You are never alone.  Certainly God is always with you, and your guardian angel is too.  Be sure to ask them to pray for you today.

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