Sunday, April 14, 2013

Going to Ghana!: Bulletin Article (4-14-13)

            Four of my best friends live in Ghana, Africa.  I attended four years of seminary with Frs. Albert, Kevin, Peter and Robert and was inspired to learn about their experience growing up and living in Africa.  When we finished seminary, these men went back home to begin their ministry and I was blessed to visit them in Ghana and attend their ordination to the priesthood earlier this winter.
            While an ocean separates us, we remain close.  At a personal level we exchange calls and emails, but I am especially grateful for the connections we are making between our parish/school and their ministry.  Many of you have given money to be sent to these men, our students are being paired with a Ghanaian pen-pal and our school just completed a Lenten “Give to Ghana” drive.  I am appreciative to all of you who helped connect our students with our brothers and sisters across the pond.
            I am excited to announce an opportunity to foster the relationship we have with the people of Ghana, Africa.  This winter, Kevin Pilon and I will be leading a trip to the Diocese of Navrongo-Bolgatanga in Ghana for an experience of a lifetime.  Like the trip to Dominica last year, we want to provide our young people with an experience of a different culture and lifestyle while sharing our rich Catholic faith.  We will have the chance to serve our brothers and sisters, meet several priests and religious, get to know parishioners and experience their way of life.
            Our plans are just getting started, but we will be having an informational meeting on Wednesday night for those who may be interested in attending.  (Due to the nature of this trip, we have decided that young people must be eighteen years or older or be accompanied by a parent in order to come).  Please stop by during our regularly scheduled Deep on Wednesday evening for more information on this great opportunity!

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