Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daily Mass Homily: Wednesday, April 10th

            Do you ever think times were so much easier in the early Church?  I mean, today Peter was rescued from prison by an angel!  I wish I had an angel like that for those 5:00am calls when Fr. Rich is locked in his room.
            While great miracles happened in the early Church, I would argue the apostles may have been jealous of us.  If the early Church is an acorn, we would be a well developed oak.  And no nostalgic oak tree would want to go back to being squirrel’s prey!
            Yes, great miracles happened in our early Church.  But today we have access to countless more.  We now have a mature understanding of Christ’s continuous miracles in the Sacraments.  We have 2000 years experience with the best and brightest men and women this earth has seen.  We are founded on the witness of the saints and the blood of martyrs.  I bet Peter and the like would stand back and wonder at the great gift of the Catholic Church.
            Perhaps we should do that today.

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