Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daily Mass Homily: Tuesday, April 9th (CSS)

           One of the most painful experiences in growing up is to have your heart broken.  In college, I had such a tragedy which, as an analytical person, it made no sense.  On paper, we were perfect together, but the sad reality was this girl didn’t love me.  (Now I’m sure you’ve never had a heartbreak ending to a relationship—you’re probably the heart breakers!)
            In true love, both the mind and heart are in sync.  In fact, there are times love is able to look past difficult traits in a person where reason would say otherwise.  C.S. Lewis once quipped that if our friends knew our weaknesses and idiosyncrasies up front we may have no friends at all.  Yet the love of a friend sees past deficiencies.
            There is a powerful line in our first reading from Acts: “The community of believers was of one heart and mind…”  One mark of the early Christians was that their love of God and belief were in harmony.
            We must strive to live out this call in our lives as individuals and as a Church.  Sometimes this may be difficult—there may be a teaching on faith and morals we don’t understand or that may be confusing.  Yet the Church is truly of one heart and mind and her teachings make sense.  Maybe not at first glance, or even after several approaches, but they do.  And if we are in love with God these personal challenges can be overcome.
            Be in one heart and mind with our Church by following Jesus’ teaching in the Gospel—to look first to heavenly realities and then to earthly.  When we focus on God, we are more open to have unity in mind and heart and this will show in our daily lives.

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