Monday, December 24, 2012

Welcome to Christmas/Easter Catholics (Given at the end of Christmas Masses)

            For our Christmas and Easter brothers and sisters: if you thought you’d make it through Mass without a plug for coming more often, you thought wrong!
            I would like to share that I am a new priest, ordained only last June.  Because of the Mass, I became a priest.  Because of the Mass, I gave up having a wife and children.
            There is no better place to experience God’s love and mercy than at Mass.
            I challenge you as you brainstorm New Year’s resolution—make getting to Mass a goal in your lives.  If you make a commitment to come to Mass you will be happier because of it.  I guarantee it.
You are welcome here at St. John’s/St. Joe’s and I speak on behalf of all priests that you are welcome to experience the fullness of our Catholic faith on a weekly basis.

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