Friday, December 28, 2012

Daily Mass Homily: Friday, December 28th, 2012 (Feast of the Holy Innocents)

            It is universally recognized in all cultures and throughout history that one of the most heinous crimes in humanity is the killing of children.
            A couple of weeks ago our nation grieved the killing of twenty children and some of their teachers and adults at the hands of one man.  This isn’t new to humanity, but is grievous just the same.
            We remember today the babies who were killed at the hands of the jealous Herod who ordered two year olds and under to be killed, afraid the “King of kings” would usurp his throne.  We can also look back in time to the slaughtering of the Hebrew children at the hands of Pharaoh.
            In our own country the events at Shady Hook elementary, the Holy Innocents and the slaughtering of Hebrew babies pales in comparison to a crime that happens in our country every day.  Over 3,500 babies are lost each day to the heinous crime of abortion.  This doesn’t occur at the hands of someone with mental difficulties, and isn’t a one time action by a jealous political ruler.  This is legal.
            It is somewhat ironic that we celebrate the lives of the innocent who were lost at the time of Jesus as we also celebrate the coming of Christ as a baby.  This gives us great hope that Jesus comes to us even in the midst of great depravity.
            We pray that, God willing, the grace of Christ may eliminate the crime of abortion in our own country.

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