Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Parish Bulletin Article: "Last Six Months": 7-16-17

            This weekend I would like to share some wonderful experiences we have had for the last six months.
            We are blessed as we are on the last stretch to sell our rectory and buy a new house—praise God!  Thank you to our parishioners, members in our committees, realtors and Northland Counseling Center to support this movement.  I will also share two dates as soon as I can.  The first is the time to bless our rectory.  I have spoke with members at Northland Counseling Center and we are all excited for this relationship.  To do so, we will show our faith and love to support our community.  As we pass forward our house, the Northland Counseling Center will serve men and women who need it to grow through addictions, mental illness and detox.  The second is the closing date.  Please continue to pray for this process!
            I also loved our first Baccalaureate Mass for our parishioners who graduated from high school.  This took place on Sunday, May 28th at St. Thomas Aquinas church and graduates from Littlefork, Falls and a home school came to God’s “school”.  It was a powerful Mass to walk with these young men and women as they begin the next steps in their journey.  We will continue this Baccalaureate Mass in the future.
            Our school took an important step: we hired Alison Fischbach to teach our preschool children.  At the same time our principal—Dawn Flesland—will have more hours to hone her leadership and administrative to support her responsibilities for our school.  Please continue to pray for our school.
            Finally, I continue to know how important your missions from Jesus Christ support our brothers and sisters, the poor, the sick, our parishes, our diocese and our school.  Keep up your great work!
            As my third year at St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Columban finishes up, the fourth year (and hopefully many more!) are on the way.
            Praise God!


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