Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sign in for time and talent!: 12-13-15

For this weekend I would like to follow up “Stewardship for the House” in time and talent.  Continue to pray for the ways you can help our churches, school, poor and sick.  Either sign your name or chat with us in the churches or school.
·      Churches
o   Mass
§  Readers
§  Musicians
§  Singers
§  Sacristan
§  Altar Servers
§  Ushers
§  Eucharistic Ministers
o   Buildings
§  Cutting grass
§  Gardens
§  “Fixing stuff”
§  (See these to talk to Dave Chute)
o   Knights of Columba
o   Catholic of Daughters
o   Tabernacle Society (cleaning our church)
o   Adoration of Eucharistic
o   Donuts!
·      School
o   Script (a great easy gift for Christmas)
o   Calendar Raffle Tickets
o   Christmas Program
o   Helping as volunteers or with other events
·      Poor
o   Community Close Closet
o   Food
o   Social Concerns
o   Servants of Shelter
o   Minister of Praise
·      Sick
o   Visiting for those in hospital, nursing homes, homebound
o   Eucharistic Minister (please see me about that)
Pray, pray, pray!

God Bless!

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