Sunday, December 20, 2015

4th Advent and Christmas: 12-20-15

Welcome to Fr. Michael Garry to churches.  Fr. Michael is a brother and a friend and we were two years together at the seminary.  Make sure Fr. Michael has a donut!

4th Advent for our weekend Masses (December 20th-21st)
            As we enter into our 4th Advent, continue our last “lap”.  As it was a race, work hard through your prayers, thoughts and ideas for our CHURCHES, SCHOOL, DIOCESE OF DULUTH, POOR and SICK.  Take this time with quietness with God, especially with our TIME, TALENT and TREASURE.
            Remember, I asked you to read two pages (139-140) or thirty-two pages (107-138) in “The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic”.  If you haven’t grab this gift, please enjoy it!
I have been very proud for our whole family this season.  Our MISSION was awesome and let’s finish the last lap because…

            greeting to all of you to this amazing time of the year—the born of Jesus Christ!  Know that you are all welcome to our churches—St. Thomas Aquinas (International Falls) and St. Columban (Littlefork). 
Our Pope Francis shows the whole world how good is God for love, peace, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, clemency, happiness, friendship!  On December 8th our Pope gave us a whole year for mercy to help with the sick, the poor, the sinful, and each person be close to God.  This is an awesome year!
As we praise for Christmas, I share a quick note about last August 8th—I had a stroke.  I had a helicopter from I Falls to Duluth (the first time of my life!).  I had a surgery for my brain.  And God (with a huge team of doctors, nurses and prayers) saved me.  Jesus saved me!  God LOVES all of us!
After the surgery, I stayed 40 days in a hospital.  I was through speech, physical therapy and occupational therapy for 56 days.  I had another 20 days of speech only.  Now I continue to learn English, grammar, reading, writing and listening.  The great gift of my life is unreal from God. 
And as we begin Christmas I ask for you the one gift I would ask for our world: come to Mass each weekend.  It is only one hour—out of the 168 hours of a week.  And it’s free!
And we give you a gift: an easy book called “Rediscover Jesus”.  Take one to yourself, your family, your friends or those who work with you.  Remember how good Jesus is?
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your family, friends and those you know.
Know of my prayers, as well as our churches.  Happy Christmas!

God Bless!

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