Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Cooking as a Priest": 11-15-15

As I continue to work through Speech, I have a paragraph they taught me through.  The name I wrote about—“Cooking as a Priest”.  I think you’ll enjoy this!
Twelve days after my stroke, I was moved to Miller-Dwan in Duluth.  I was given speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy.  On one of the first days I was taught how to remember how to cook again.
            I was learning how to make a quick breakfast.  Coffee—perfect.  Eggs—delicious (but with out bacon).  The gal helped me for thirty minutes through OT to help my life back to normal.
            The next day—cooking again.  I thought, “Wait a second…cooking again?”  My leader helped me again; this time the thirty minutes pushed me through toast and juice.  At the same time, I asked a question: “How much cooking are we doing?”  She answered, “We could do quite a bit.”  So I told her what my life is—a priest!  I said, “I am a priest.  Some days I work for 12, 14 or 16 hours for a day.  Cook?  I can buy dinner quicker for 10 bucks than cooking!  I always enjoy dinners at a family’s house to be with them.  I could also be a difficult time for cooking.  For instance, I might be called to the hospital to be with a dying person.  If that happened, my cooking dinner is interrupted and the food is trashed.  Cooking?  I am done cooking!”
            My occupational therapist laughed and told me, “I think we’ll be done cooking!”
            Only five days left for my Speech.  Thank you for your prayers and know of my prayers for you all!

            God Bless!

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