Sunday, November 22, 2015

105 Days: 11-22-15

Praise God…Friday, November 20th marks 105 days since my stroke. I spoke of the circle last weekend and I thought I would do some math here:

·      40 (days in the hospital)
·      + 22 (days in Duluth at Miller-Dwan for speech, OT and PT, plus a weekend of Masses in Duluth)
·      + 20 (days in the Cities for speech school)
·      +  2 (days in the Cities for my cousin’s wedding)
·      + 21 (days at home [of HEAVEN] in International Falls and Little Fork )
·      = 105 days. 
·      (15 weeks)
·      BACK HOME!
            PRAISE GOD!

            A few things about my return to work:
·      Masses will be back to Monday-Thursday mornings. Mass on Monday, November 23rd will be at 7:30am (I have an appointment in Duluth…but Mass is BACK).  The rest of the week will be at 8:30am.
·      Happy Thanksgiving Day!  (Yes…make it to Mass at 8:30am on Thursday!)
·      Advent begins next week…the start of the new-year for our Church! 
·      Some cool parts of Advent for our churches: Adoration, books, CDs, talks, music, confession, Wednesday evening Masses, stewardship, prayer and more…

Ice fishing will be coming soon…I didn’t get to hunt this fall, but thank you, Lord, for fishing on the ice!

God Bless!

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