Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jesus wants to be our brother--Totus Tuus day #2: Daily Mass Homily--Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

(Listen to this homily here).

            Alrighty…well I hope you have your thinking caps on and I hope you are on your best behavior at Mass today.  And here I’m not just speaking to our kids, but to the peanut gallery in the back!  And Beau!  Beau, be on your best behavior.  Let’s show the adults how well you can be at Mass today.
            Now to the thinking caps.  Who can tell me where we are?  Church.  Yes, but what kind of camp are we at?  St. Thomas Aquinas.  You’re right—but what is the event called?  Totus Tuus.  And what language is that?  Latin.  And who said it?  John Paul II.  And what does it mean?  Totally yours.  Totally mine?!  You mean, you’re all totally mine?  No—we are totally God’s.  Yes.  Never forget that—we are totally God’s.
            And it looks like you all have a new string on today—what color do you have?  White.  And what does white stand for?  We don’t know yet.  You don’t?  Well what have our teachers been doing all morning—taking a nap?!  I think white stands for purity.
            I noticed something cool when I put on my vestments this morning—white and green are the colors I am wearing!  My alb is white, symbolizing purity.  My chasuble is green, symbolizing hope.  Pretty cool that what I am wearing matches our strings!
            Now for our readings today…Jesus tells us that those who do his will are his brothers and sisters.  Think of how cool that is!  Jesus is God, right?  Yes.  Glad I got that one correct!  Yes, Jesus is God!  And now he is telling us he wants to be our brother?  That’s amazing…think about that.
            As we continue to learn, pray and have fun, never forget that Jesus wants to be your brother and friend!

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