Monday, July 20, 2015

Jesus is greater--Totus Tuus day #1: Daily Mass Homily--Monday, July 20th, 2015

(Listen to this homily here).

             Wow, what a fancy bracelet you’re wearing!  And you, too…you’re both wearing nice green jewelry.  And you too!  What, did you all facebook each other to wear matching bracelets this morning?  They’re for Totus Tuus!  And why green?  What does green stand for?  Hope.  Who are you hoping in?  Jesus!
            Alright, and what else have you been learning today?  Any special prayers you’ve learned?  The rosary.  Cool, and who is the rosary about?  Jesus!  Yep, Jesus is always a right answer here.  Jesus and who else?  Mary.  There you go.  Check this out [I pull a rosary out of my pocket].  How many of you have rosaries in your pockets?  No one?!  How about our adults—kind of a quiz question for you.  You should always have a rosary with you!
            Ok, now to the readings.  I confess, I wouldn’t have chosen these for day one of Totus Tuus, but some pretty important things happened.  First, we had this guy named Moses do something pretty cool.  What did he do?  He led the people through water.  Indeed he did!  Imagine our seminarian Beau leading you all to Rainy Lake, hitting the ground with his walking stick and having the lake separate so you could walk through it.  This is what God did through Moses.
Or Jesus mentioned a man by the name of Jonah.  Jonah was eaten by a shark…right?  No, it was a whale!  Oh yeah, it was a whale.  I suppose if Jonah was eaten by a shark he wouldn’t have been spit back out.  But yes, Jonah was eaten by a whale, stayed in its stomach for three days and came out again—pretty impressive. 
Then there’s king Solomon—one of the great kings of Israel.  He was reportedly the richest and wisest of all the kings.
But you know what Jesus said?  There is something greater here…something greater than Moses walking on dry land, greater than Jonah and the whale and greater than Solomon.  And who is that?  All together now…Jesus!  Yep, we come to Mass to be with Jesus, the greatest in the world.
As we continue to learn, pray and have fun at Totus Tuus, let’s always remember that we are about Jesus!

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