Monday, June 1, 2015

Welcome Sabrina and Beau!: Parish Bulletin--5-31-15

            This weekend I would like to officially welcome two people to our parishes.
            The first is not a new member, but will be beginning a new role on Monday as our Director of Faith Formation—Sabrina Etienne.  I am excited for Sabrina to begin working on our parish team to proclaim the Gospel to our young people!  She is a relatively new Catholic and is on fire for our faith.  She is great with people young and old, organization (yes!), technology, communication and the like.  I appreciate her dedication and drive to get things done, and the qualities she has will serve your children and families well.
            I recently told Sabrina her job description in a nutshell: “Lead our kids to Jesus.”  She is excited to start this mission in an official capacity for our parishes!
            In this light, my vision for faith formation includes year-long opportunities for 1st-12th grade students.  Part of this is to have weekly sessions throughout the school year for all of these grades.  To me, this only makes sense—athletes don’t take a season off from their sport (I couldn’t imagine skipping basketball when I was in junior high!).  Our students go to school throughout the year—not just the fall or spring semesters.  Similarly, they are expected to be educated every year until they graduate.
            I am excited to see where the Lord takes our faith formation programs.  Young people—you will never lose if you give of your time to the Lord!  Parents—there is no greater activity than educating your children in the faith!  Future small-group leaders and catechists—we will need your generous time and talents to establish faith in the next generation.
            Second, I want to welcome Beau Braun, a seminarian for the Diocese of Duluth, to our parishes.  He will be moving in on Monday and will be with us until August 1st.  This summer is meant to prepare him for life as a priest and he will be joining me for the variety of pastoral work I do.  He will also have the chance to offer himself in service to you directly in a variety of ways. 
Beau will get to introduce himself through next weekend’s bulletin and Masses.  For now, welcome, Beau—we are glad to have you for the summer!
            God Bless! 

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