Wednesday, June 3, 2015

God loves you!: Daily Mass Homily--Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 (School Mass)

(Listen to this homily here).

            I have to be honest—these wouldn’t have been the readings I would have chosen for our last school of the Mass!
            First, we continued in the book of Tobit.  Tobit is blind and Sarah (his future daughter-in-law) lost seven husbands in a row!  For you students who weren’t at Mass yesterday—do you know how Tobit became blind?  Birds dropped their droppings in his eyes!  Isn’t that gross?  And Sarah is troubled by a demon!
            Then in the Gospel we heard of the Levirate Law—if a man died without leaving kids, his brother would need to have kids in his name. 
            And by the way, I wonder why two adults had to do our first reading!  I have seen you kids read long readings all by yourself!
            Okay—the basic point of our first reading today—God loves us.  Both Tobit and Sarah prayed to God.  God responded by sending them an angel.  Does anyone remember the name of the angel God sent?  Raphael.  Great listening!  In the next couple of days we will hear how Raphael is the answer to prayer.
            As we gather for our last school Mass of the school year, I want to ask one question—how have you seen God’s love this school year?  [Answers included:]  Teachers, being baptized, praying, playing.
            I want you to listen really well now.  If you remember nothing else I ever say, remember this: GOD LOVES YOU.  God loves you!  No matter what happens in your life always know how much you are loved.  God sent his son Jesus to give his life on the cross for you.  Look at the cross—that’s how much God loves you.
            Remember that even though school is out, we still have Mass every day and every weekend.  Your homework assignment for the summer—come to Mass on the weekend and bring your parents too!
            Let’s stand now and offer our prayers to God.

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