Monday, May 4, 2015

Idol worship is stupid: Daily Mass Homily--Monday, May 4th, 2015

(Listen to this homily here).

            Paul exclaimed in our reading this morning, “We proclaim to you good news that you should turn from these idols to the living God, who made heaven and earth and sea and all that is in them.”
            As Christians in the United States of America in 2015 we may look back at idol worship as stupid.  And indeed—it is!  For instance, worshiping a golden calf?  Really?  Or for the Greeks and Romans who offered lifeless statues oblations…are you kidding?!  What a dumb thing to do!
            But if you took an Israelite from the time of Moses, or a Roman from the time of Paul, they would think the same thing about us!  You spend how much time in front of that TV?!  How often are you attending sporting events?  You’re on that phone for how long?  That’s stupid!
            This is why the first commandment is to love God above everything and to avoid idol worship, be it a statue, cell phone, TV or sports. 
To drive home this point, God’s Word frequently compares idolatry to adultery.  When we put something before God, we are getting into bed with what we worship.  We are rejecting the Bridegroom and falling for cheap imitations.
What are the idols in your life?  What prevents you from giving God everything?  Pray about that today and root out idol worship in order to give God more excellent worship of body, mind and soul.

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