Monday, February 17, 2014

Stop signs discernment: Daily Mass Homily--Monday, February 17th, 2014

            A common theme in working with high school and college students is vocational discernment.  I can relate to those who are eager—even anxious—about doing God’s will, as I spent many years wondering where I was being called.
            One way not to discern: asking God for signs.  Seeking an overt sign is like telling God, “I want to know the path of my life now!”  While asking God for indicators is not in itself bad, we must be careful to remain patient and trusting in His plan.  We cannot be like the Pharisees who seek a sign out of mistrust and testing.
            James refers to two virtues which can help us in following God’s will.  The first is joy.  Since our Lord wants us to be joyful, it is beneficial to consider how you experience joy in your life.  Chances are great that this area will be linked to God’s path.  In fact, the joy I experienced in ministry led me to join seminary.
            The second is wisdom.  We must become wise in the ways of God to truly discern how to serve Him and live well.
            Rather than asking for signs, may we be blessed with joy and wisdom as we seek to do God’s will today and in the future.  

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