Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The cycle of Judges: Daily Mass Homily--Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

            Our reading from Judges is obscure this morning, but as we continue through this intriguing book it is important to remember the repetitive cycles which Judges records.
            Each cycle begins with Israel being in a period of peace both with God and with the neighboring nations.  At some point Israel then breaks the covenant with God, usually falling to idolatry.  Israel then is defeated by an enemy—symbolic of being defeated by sin.  They eventually plead for mercy and God grants them peace and victory once more through raising up a judge to lead them.
            The cycle in Judges is one we experience in our own lives.  There are times we live in harmony with God and neighbor.  Yet each of us sins, bringing upon ourselves division with our relationship with God, family and friends.  Please, God, we repent and convert once more and enter into a state of grace again.  This is the story of our Christian journey throughout our lives.
            The Gospel emphasizes that God is generous with His gifts.  Many of us know family members, friends, children and others who do not yet walk closely with God.  We can take great hope that, even in the last hours of the day, God is ready to bring people into His vineyard and pay them a just wage.  Our job is to seek out the idle and invite them to come to God, joining us in the mystery of sin and redemption along the way.

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