Wednesday, July 24, 2013

St. Bridget: Daily Mass Homily--Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

           Our opening collect for the Memorial of St. Bridget states: “O God, who guided Saint Bridget of Sweden along different paths of life…” 
            St. Bridget did indeed live an interesting life.  First, she had eight children which should be cause enough for being a saint.  After her husband died she lived a disciplined life of the third degree of Franciscans.  She started a religious order—the Bridgetines—and chastised the popes who had moved from Rome to Avignon, France.  Here she did not spare words!  Along the way she had many mystical prayer experiences which can be read in some of her books.
            St. Bridget lived out God’s call in her life and proved Jesus’ words, “…whoever does the will of my heavenly Father is my brother, and sister, and mother.” 
            Wherever we are in our own vocation, the same God who opened the Red Sea has called us to a particular mission in our lives.  May we recommit ourselves this morning to this call he has given us.

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