Monday, March 23, 2020

Parish Bulletin Article: "Lent Updates!": 3-15-20

This weekend I would like to continue to add information and challenging you, to our family, as we have some influence opportunities during Lent.  As I wrote before, this Lent, we must support us to get back to the basics with Jesus Christ and we are offering some cake walk chances for Lent, both in our parishes and in the Diocese of Duluth. For instance
·     Every weekend Mass or trying daily Mass(es) are FREE! J
·     The next three Saturdays is simply to learn about THE MASS by Bishop Robert Barron. Do you know that every movement—sitting down, kneeling, the priest’s hands, using the sign of the cross, genuflecting, and beyond are not for lame ritual actions, but deep ways to worship God our Father—could this help you to dive into Mass?  The event will begin with food, free after Saturday’s Mass, children care and learn quite a bit in 20-30 minutes.  Please come and sign up to make sure we have enough food!
·     Monday mornings after Masswith men conversing about faith, scriptures, questions, etc. with me
·     First Mondays of the month with women to praytogether for intercessions and conversations with each other
·     Friday evenings at 7:00pm for the Stations of the Cross(both at St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Columban)
·     Women’s Conference in Duluth on Saturday, March 28th(all day)
·     40 Hour Eucharistic Adoration: March 31st-April 2nd.  We already have two amazing speakers, musicians, and times to stretch out your soul to engage with Jesus Christ’s true presence. And, here is a tidbit from Alex Schindler, who will be giving both a talk as well as praise and worship music:
o  Hello and welcome!  I’m Alex, a Catholic worship leader, liturgical musician, and singer-songwriter.  I grew up just south of Ohio River in Lousville Kentucky, and through a crazy journey with God I have found myself in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.  If you had asked me 10+ years ago what I would be doing today it most certainly would not be what I am currently occupying my time with, but God is funny like that!”
o  Nic Davidson will also be giving a talk on Wednesday evening.
·     Finally, I am hoping to pack a bus to go to the Cathedral of Holy Rosary in Duluth on Monday, April 6th in Holy Week for experience the Chrism Mass.  If you have never been to the Chrism Mass (the blessing for the three oils we need for our Sacraments) you will not be disappointed!  
Let’s continue to walk through Lent well, and please check out some of these remarkable events to support your relationship with Jesus Christ.
God Bless.       

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