Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Commandments of Life: Talk at Holy Spirit (Virginia) for Holy Week Reconciliation Service--4-1-15

(Listen to this talk here).

I had the privilege of giving an opening talk to the parishioners of Holy Spirit (Virginia, MN) before a reconciliation service.  I built off of the Ten Commandments--a good start for an examination of conscience to use before Confession--and showed how they are meant to give life.  Deeper than every "no" we say as Catholics is a greater "yes," like how the rules of sports allow an arena for a game to be played and won.  Jesus, in fulfilling the Commandments, truly give them life.  Thus, the Commandments of Christ to love God and neighbor help us discern not just what we must say "no" to, but how we must say "yes" to live for excellence.

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