Saturday, March 14, 2015

Time and Talent: Parish Bulletin--3-15-15

            This weekend I would like to help you brainstorm how to use your time and talents to support the mission of our parishes.  Below is a list of possibilities of service that will help us love God, love our neighbor, seek the lost and make disciples.
·      Time
o   Volunteer at the Community Clothes Closet
o   Serve free dinner at the Community Café
o   Mow lawns in the summer
o   Serve coffee and donuts after 10:30 Mass
o   Become a sacristan (Mass set up)
o   Become an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion for Mass and/or bringing communion to the sick
o   Become an altar server
o   Become a member of our Ministry of Praise
o   Attend a Mass at our nursing homes
o   Volunteer in our faith formation programs
o   Join one of our parish organizations—Knights of Columbus, Catholic Daughters, Tabernacle Society
o   Volunteer at St. Thomas Aquinas School
·      Talent
o   If you have musical abilities and can play or sing, please consider doing so at Mass
o   If you are a handyman, check in at the parish/school to see how you could help with small/easy projects
o   Do you have other technical skills that you think we could put to use?
o   If interior design is your thing, both our Church and offices could always use creative minds to create an aesthetically pleasing space
Do any of these catch your eye?  If so, please inquire at the office about specific tasks and other pertinent details.  Offering your time and talent is just as important for the life of the Church as is offering money. 
Please consider how God is calling you to advance our parish mission this Lent and beyond and know of my gratitude for all of our volunteers and all you already do!
God Bless!

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