Monday, May 12, 2014

The Good Shepherd, Mary and our grandparents: Daily Mass Homily--Monday, May 12th, 2014 (School Mass on Grandparents' Day)

            Great job to our third and fourth grader who read this morning.  Sorry, Kindergarteners [who helped at Mass this week], that was a tough reading for you!
            We have a busy week coming up.  What’s going on at St. John’s in the near future?  “First Communion,” “Our play [first graders’ rendition of The Lion King],” “You’re leaving us.”  Well I’m not leaving quite yet!
            Something else is happening this week—we are welcoming two of my priest friends from Ghana Africa!
            Do you want to know something cool about my friend, Fr. Albert?  He was a shepherd!  For the first twelve years of his life he didn’t even go to school—he took care of his family’s animals.
            What sorts of things do you think he had to do?  “Make sure the sheep were fed,” “Lead them on the right path,” “Keep them safe,” “Give them water.”  You bet.  You know, sheep are kind of dumb!  They need someone to protect them, show them where to eat and drink and lead them along the way.
            Sometimes we can be like sheep.  That’s when Jesus, our Good Shepherd, makes sure to keep us on the right path, feed us, quench our thirst and protect us from danger.
            Shifting gears a bit—who is on my chasuble?  “Mary and Jesus!”  Yep, and why am I wearing this vestment.  Usually I wear it only on feasts for Mary.  Any guesses?  Here’s a hint—what month are we in?  “May.”  And May is the month for whom?  “Mary.”
            The cool thing is that without Mary we wouldn’t have Jesus.  We wouldn’t have the Good Shepherd.  Today we are honored to have in our presence your parents and grandparents—know you are always welcome here at St. John’s and what a pleasure it is to work with your children.  Without your parents or grandparents, would you be here today?  Nope!
            We give God thanks and praise for giving us a Good Shepherd to lead us.  We thank Him for Mary, Jesus’ Mother, who helped bring Jesus into the world.  And we thank God for our parents and grandparents who did the same for us.

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